Corporate Hospitality

We have supplied major first team football and rugby clubs with corporate travel for over 25 years and now our customers can share the experience for that special occasion. Our corporate coaches can seat up to 32 people and all have sumptuous interiors with all the best facilities, such as a full kitchen with oven and microwave, DVD player, tables and air conditioning.

These coaches are ideal for getting clients to an important business conference, event or training, so that they can arrive feeling fresh and relaxed. They can be briefed before arriving to their destination and even enjoy a meal to help pass away the journey.

They can also be hired out for any other occasion such as traveling to a concert or theatre or even a race day. Passengers will be able to arrive in comfort, feeling fresh and relaxed and with all the onboard facilities they won't have to worry about stopping for breaks.


Each coach can be supplied with a hostess who will be able to provide full meals ranging from a full english breakfast to a full 7 course gourmet meal with fine wines, which is perfect for entertaining guests. With our 'Silver Service' there is no need to stop at a service area and customers can even supply their own food and drinks, which can be served by the hostesses.

With a hostess onboard, all the equipment needed to serve drinks and food will already be on the coaches and there's plenty of storage space. The coaches can also be arranged to be at the departure location early so everything can be put on board before the guests arrive.

Products & Services



From basic travel to executive Dining, Sumptuous Interiors, Onboard Hostess, Sleepers, DVD, Toilets, Air Conditioning.



  • Luxury 18-21 seat minicoaches
  • 35-57 seat
  • 71-77 seat double deck
  • 6-12 berth sleepers


We provide anything from airport transfers to corporate hospitality. We can plan trips to Europe & beyond. Complete GROUP packages available.




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